Dryer Vent Cleaning Wizard of Corte Madera Warns Residents about Rags Soaked in Flammable Substances

Tumbling to disaster…few people realize the danger associated with doing their laundry 


Corte Madera CA: The Corte Madera Dryer Vent Cleaning Wizard warns residents about an imminent hazard that could be lurking in the laundry room. Tumbling to disaster, few realize the danger associated with doing laundry. Many people take the clothes dryer for granted, but the Wizard advises residents to never leave the house or go to sleep when the dryer is running.

Over 17,000 dryer fires are reported annually with failure to clean dryer vents being the number one cause. Rhonda Nole, owner of Dryer Vent Wizard works to encourage consumer awareness about the danger associated with poorly vented clothes dryers.

Dryer vent cleaning is recommended annually to eliminate a fire hazard and reduce wear and tear on the clothes dryer. Some insurance companies have begun to require a dryer vent inspection to be sure the system is installed correctly and provides adequate airflow. Dryer vent service by the Wizard (http://www.dryerventwizarddryerventcleaning.com/) provides peace of mind to residents and business owners with clothes dryers.

Nole advises all her customers to have regularly scheduled dryer vent cleaning service to eliminate a fire hazard. She also advises that poorly installed dryer vent systems can be hazardous. A very long dryer duct can make the clothes dryer work harder to push the hot air to the dryer vent outside. When air flow is slowed down or restricted, the dryer can overheat and cause a fire.

Rhonda also advises her customers to be careful what they store around the clothes dryer. Boxes, cleaning supplies, and flammable substances will provide fuel to feed a fire if one should start. Rags soaked in gas, oil, paint thinner or other flammable liquids can ignite from the heat in the dryer. They should be line-dried, even if they have been washed first. Some flammable residue can remain.

Professional dryer vent installation meeting current safety standards and regular dryer vent cleaning service ensures the dryer operates safely and efficiently. Rhonda Nole serves consumers and businesses in Larkspur, Corte Madera, Rohnert Park and nearby neighborhoods in the Greater North Bay area. Visit http://cortemadera.dryerventcleaningnow.com/ to learn more.

About Dryer Vent Wizard:
Dryer Vent Wizard is a member of the National Fire Protection Association and the largest chain of dryer vent cleaning, repair, replacement and alternation specialists in the U.S. with over 60 franchisees in major markets. Dryer Vent Wizard franchisees work to promote public awareness on the importance of dryer vent cleaning to prevent dryer fires and save energy. Consumer education while making clothes dryers safer and greener are the main focus of DVW franchisees. Dryer Vent Wizard was founded in 2004 by Dave Lavalle who is also the founder of the Mr. Handyman franchise.